Pro Edge Camp Week 6 8/15 - 8/19

U6 - U8 - U10 - U12 

*10 hours of training on the Ice per week. 
*5 hours of classroom and video instruction time per week.
(Classroom and video instructions are some of the best ways to learn techniques) 

*Introduction to Boxing  

*Introduction to Yoga 


Hockey is an ever evolving game of speed, skill, focus, physical as well as mental strength and teamwork. An athlete that can adapt and continually improve in these various elements of the game is the one who will ultimately succeed.

Here at Pro Edge we believe in creating a competitive hockey atmosphere that continually pushes our athletes out of their comfort level in all facets of the game, enabling them to take the next step in their hockey experience. Each camper will have the opportunity to work on ice with personnel that are still actively involved in playing/coaching the game, a 4:1 instructor to player ratio, our athletes are ensured a professional and personal experience while striving to be the best. 

Our staff has risen through the various Youth Hockey, High School, Collegiate, and professional ranks, so we feel confident in utilizing our experiences and passing along our knowledge of the game to the next generation of New England hockey players.